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Eco Friendly Practice

Our clinic is an ECO Friendly Clinic. We have installed multiple solar panels on our roof of our clinic to ensure a reduction in our Carbon Footprint production. We ensure that all our power switches are switched off when they aren’t being used.

We primarily use bore water alone with a solar pump as well as rain water. We also have an enviro recycle sewage waste system, which is also linked with the Green Waste.

We try to minimise our paper usage, by emailing our clients instead of sending letters. We recycle all our ink cartridges with Planet Ark and also welcoming our clients to use our bin to help the eco system.

To ensure the most enjoyable calm and quiet experience in our clinic we have fully sound proofed walls and double-glazed windows, as we are located conveniently next to the M1 Highway.

Dr John Norris

MANZCVSc, BVSc (Hons), BAgrSc, CMAVA, CDec

Dr John was born in Albury, NSW. He grew up in southern Victoria amongst the race Horse community. He graduated from La Trobe University with his Agricultural Degree but he aspired to becoming a Veterinarian. So he migrated north through The University of Sydney, gaining his Veterinary degree, to Sunny Queensland.

He worked at Kessel’s Road Veterinary Hospital and Creek Road Cat Surgery before purchasing Killarney Veterinary Surgery with his partner Dr Christine. At Killarney Dr John’s career encompassed both small and large animals. Cattle Breeding and Endurance Riding were his favourite pastimes. If he was not at the clinic he was on the farm.

In 2003 the family decided on a ‘Sea Change’ and established Jacobs Well Veterinary Surgery.

Dr John became a member of the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists – Feline Chapter and a Chartered Member of the Australian Veterinary Association.

Dr John’s special interests include cat medicine, dog medicine and dog reproduction (especially canine dystocia). He has his own breeding dogs – Golden Retrievers – who smile every time they see him.

Currently much of Dr John’s time is devoted to brachycephalic dogs (e.g. French Bulldogs, Pugs, British Bulldogs, Australian Bulldogs and Boston Terriers). Dr John is an accredited export Veterinarian. He, also, enjoys breeding Burmese Cats.

Dr Christine Prendergast

MAgrSc, BVSc, BAppSc (RT) (Hons)

Dr Christine although born in Melbourne, grew up in the farming community of Central Qld, Central NSW, and then settled in South East Queensland.  Naturally she attended Gatton Agricultural College and graduated with a practical - hands on - agricultural degree.

After a working tour of the old country (Europe), Dr Christine attended The University of Sydney and graduated with her Masters Degree. It was here she met her future husband Dr John and she was inspired to pursue a veterinary career. 

After graduating from The University of Queensland with her BVSc, she and Dr John purchased Killarney Veterinary Surgery. Dr Christine spent much time sitting on the cattle yard rails yarning to farmers about herd and population dynamics, attending cow caesarians, horse riding and raising their child Lorraine.

The ‘Sea Change’ leads the couple to Jacobs Well where they established Jacobs Well Veterinary Surgery.

Dr Christine loves to get amongst the animals and use her veterinary knowledge however life’s turns have necessitated a lean toward practice management. Sometimes you will see her pop her head into the clinic proper when she has some free time. The new surgery, Curtis Street Vets @ Pimpama, has been the couple’s pet project for some time.

Dr Terry Martin


Dr Terry graduated in 1988 and has over 30 years of experience in the Veterinary industry. He enjoys all fields of Veterinary medicine including challenging dermatology and internal medical cases. Dr Terry has a vast range of surgical skills and regularly performs soft tissue and orthopaedic surgeries. He is always learning new methods and is committed to making sure that his clients and patients get the best care possible.

He is a member of the Association of Avian Veterinarians, Association, the Australian Veterinary Association and the Australian Small Animal Veterinary Association. He is a leading authority on Avian colour mutations and genetics.

Dr Terry’s passion for birds has led him to write 3 books on colour mutations and genetics in parrots and finches.

When Dr Terry isn’t looking after our patients, he enjoys spending time at home with his family and his 3 dogs, 1 cat, a number of birds and chooks.

Dr Briana (Bree) Murrell


Dr Bree graduated from James Cook University in Townsville in 2014. She promptly moved down to our beautiful Gold Coast. Here, she has worked as a full time small animal Veterinarian.

Curtis Street Vets@Pimpama welcomed Dr Bree in May 2020. She occasionally works at our sister clinic, Jacobs Well Veterinary Surgery. Dr Bree has a special interest in all things surgical. She aspires to further her skills and knowledge in surgery, whilst maintaining the best care possible for all her animal clients.

Dr Bree has a deep love for animals. She prides herself on caring for each pet as though they were her own. Dr Bree has an especially soft spot for our rescued friends. Therefore, it is no surprise that she has rescued a few of her own: Franklyn her boisterous Ridgeback x, Leroy her cheeky Chihuahua x, and her gorgeous domestic medium haired cat Duncan.

When she is not at work, Dr Bree enjoys all thing outdoors, including hiking, player soccer and working in her garden.

Dr Bree’s infectious energy and enthusiasm is coupled with patience and dedication to solving all your concerns, whether minor or the more complex.



Certificate IV - Veterinary Nursing

Hi. My name is Jen and I am a Cert IV Veterinary Nurse and have worked in the industry since 1994. Vet nursing is such a rewarding career, every day is different and I always love coming to work. I enjoy continuing to learn and sharing my knowledge with the trainee nurses.

I have worked at Curtis Street Vets @ Pimpama and Jacobs Well Vet Surgery since December 2017 and enjoy working with the team here. I moved back to this area in December after spending the last 15 years in the country where I was the Practice Manager for my local vet clinic.

I could be described as a home-body as I enjoy quiet time at home with my family, but I also love to travel, anything from camping in a swag to 5 star resorts.

I have 2 sweet staffies and a giant cat at home so there are always lots of cuddles waiting for me at home.



Lorraine Norris

Cert II (Animal Studies), BAgBus, BVTech

Hello, I was born in Brisbane, but quickly moved with my parents (Dr John and Dr Christine) to Killarney. Growing up inside Killarney Veterinary Surgery and on the farm was a wonderful childhood. I was able to participate in the many activities of Veterinary Life, as well as enjoy the outdoor arena on the farm. I grew up with dogs, cats, chooks, cattle, horses and guinea pigs.

I have always wanted to become a veterinarian having a deep compassion for pets and their problems. I worked and studied during my high school and graduated with a Certificate II in Animal Studies.

I have finished studying Agribusiness and Veterinary Technology at University of Queensland (Gatton Campus). I hope to study Veterinary Science once I have finished these degrees. You will meet me - assisting my Clients, Patients, Veterinarians and Veterinary Nurses now that I am working full-time. I especially enjoy meeting all your wonderful pets as you come into our Veterinary Surgeries.

I also participate in the background management assisting my parents. In my free time, I enjoy taking the Golden Retrievers down to the beach so they can romp to their hearts content on the sand and through the water.

Our Nurses


Certificate IV - Veterinary Nursing

I feel very lucky to be working at Curtis Street Vets @ Pimpama. After leaving school I completed my Certificate III in Animal Studies. I then worked at the Strawberry Farm because I wanted to work with animals.  I am very happy to say that I am now qualified in Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. My next goal is to study a Diploma to know even more about the care of the pets that visit us. 

I was so glad to be chosen to work in this community.  I have studied hard and listened to all the vets’ advice and I feel confident if you come into my surgery, with my help, you will attain the best outcome for you and your pet.

At home I have Cockatoos, Guinea Pigs and my fur baby ‘Chicky’, a Jack Russell cross Pug, who keep me company. ‘Chicky’ often comes to assist me on my workdays. When you visit you may see her relaxing down the back. She also finds her way into the Facebook pages because she is so cute.

Don’t be surprised if I welcome you into Jacobs Well Veterinary Surgery, for, time to time, I work over there with Dr John Ryan.



Certificate IV - Veterinary Nursing

Hi. My name is Sasha. I have been working at Jacobs Well Veterinary Surgery and Curtis Street Vets@Pimpama since 2018.

I decided that I wanted to work with animals, so I studied Certificate II in Animal Studies. Since then, I furthered my education and I am now a qualified Nurse in Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing.

I am learning so much everyday working with such a dedicated and professional team. Every day, I feel so privileged to be doing something I love. Being able to give love and compassion for animals is a dream come true. I am happy to help you in any way possible and take the upmost care of your little fur baby!



Hello my name is Jill and I'm currently studying 4th year Bachelor of Veterinary Science at the University of Queensland.  

I've always had a passion for animals and I love learning about all areas of veterinary science especially small animal medicine. I'm very grateful for the opportunity to learn from Dr John Norris and work with the team at Curtis St Vets. You'll usually find me working at the clinic on weekends and university holidays. 

In my spare time I love going to the beach and also hanging out with my Labrador Sunny.



John's Golden Retrievers


The Golden Retriever Clan

We consist of the matriarch, Fleur, the Aunty, Luna and Spring and the teenagers, Snow and Goldie.  We make sure that No-One goes unnoticed around our place.  We live in the back runs and will regularly talk to the Nurses when they hang out their washing.

Sometimes we are called to duty and willingly donate blood to save lives.

Support Staff


Hello. I assist Christine with the bookwork behind the scenes.  I enjoy data entry the most, but can be found at meetings and organising various functions along the way.  I have seen the practice expand from only Jacobs Well Veterinary Surgery to our other Vet surgery being Curtis Street Vets @ Pimpama. 

In my spare time, I enjoy gardening, socialising and cooking for friends and family.  I love coming to work because all the nurses and Veterinarians take such great care of all the animals that visit the clinics. They are all so friendly and I get to talk to the pets as they come in.



Hi. I am the gardener at Curtis Street Vets@ Pimpama.  I regularly take great care in looking after the beautiful Clinic grounds.  I particularly enjoy mowing and also assist Christine in maintaining the garden beds.  Each week, you will see me around the Clinic.

At home, I am kept busy looking after my lovely horses and dogs.  Dr John is always there to assist if there is any medical problem that they may have.


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