Dog Neutering

What are the advantages of castrating my male dog?

  • Reduces the risk of prostate cancer & prostatitis
  • Reduces the risk of hormone-related diseases such as perianal adenoma
  • Eliminates the risk of testicular cancer, the second most common cancer in intact dogs
  • Removal of sexual urges, which usually decreases roaming behaviours
  • Reduction of certain types of aggression

What are the disadvantages?
The most quoted disadvantage of castration is that the dog will become fat & lazy. Obesity is the result of overfeeding and not exercising enough. By regulating your dog’s diet and exercise levels, you can prevent obesity in castrated or intact males. Castrating doesn’t cause a change in personality, guarding instincts, intelligence, playfulness or affection.

When should the operation be performed?
Research reveals that castrating a pet at an early age does not cause any increased risk. Most vets recommend castration between four & six months of age.

Is there any alternative to surgery?
There have been recent advances in non surgical neutering. You should discuss treatment with your veterinarian to determine if it is appropriate for your pet.

Are there any dangers associated with the operation?
Castration is considered a major operation and requires general anaesthesia. With modern anaesthetics and monitoring equipment, the risk of complication is very low.

Are there any post operative precautions I should take?
Rest & restriction of activity are the primary post operative care you should provide. Most dogs can resume normal activity five to ten days after surgery. Until then, leash walks, no swimming, bathing, running or climbing stairs & lots of rest is the rule!


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